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The Mediterranean Taster Case

We have decided to name every Taster Case based upon the wines that we are presenting. The former Taster Case was called the "Malvoisie Taster Case" in relation to one of the three wines that it was featuring!

We decided to call this case the "Mediterranean Taster Case" in reference to the two reds that we are presenting: one Saint-Chinian and one Coteaux du Languedoc, both located 20 miles from the Mediterranean. We think that this is a quite unique offer (read below) and deserving of its namesake.

This Mediterranean Taster Case price is $239 (tax & shipping included). We are doing everything we can to keep our prices low!

The case of 12 includes:
- 4 Coteaux du Layon (white - sweet)
- 4 Saint-Chinian (red)
- 4 Coteaux du Languedoc (red)

We are also offering a case of the Coteaux du Layon ($264/case) and a case of the two reds (6 Saint-Chinian and 6 Coteaux du Languedoc for $225/case).

We hope that the descriptions below will convince you. Continue on…
Coteaux du Layon 2008
Clos de L'Elu
White Wine
Region: Loire Valley
We had at least two very straightforward reasons to consider this Coteaux du Layon 2008:
- we have received wonderful feedback on our "lightly sweet" Malvoisie from our previous Taster Case; we thought that we should continue the path.
- Thomas Carsin, the winemaker, is a young and passionate guy who deserves every encouragement; he is a future raising star, guaranteed.
Thomas is in his early 30s, studied botanic specializing in tropical plants, got an internship in ... California and caught the wine bug there!
He recently acquired close to 60 acres in the Loire Valley, producing all colors in a very pure style.

We must confess that we almost bought his wonderful Cabernet Franc but bumped into his Coteaux du Layon as the tasting was about to end.
Only a few thousands bottles produced, too good to be missed.
Actually, soon after we picked this wine the respected Revue du Vin de France issued the following comment: "Well crafted, pure Layon, the perfect wine to discover at a great price; a new Domaine which deserves every encouragement".
2008 has been a difficult year and what could have been a negative actually turned into a positive in the case of Thomas: he was able to craft a perfectly balanced wine with just enough sweetness and the right acidity.
Nose is a subtle explosion of fresh plum, almond, honey.
Palate unravels touches of pear and refreshing touches of citrus.
You all know by now that at WhisperWine we simply buy the wines we would have bought for ourselves, that simple.
In doing so we try to share our passion for what I would call terroir wines.
This Coteaux du Layon is one true example.
As all Layons it is a 100% Chenin Blanc.

Color: Yellow
Nose: fresh plum, touch of honey
Palate: balance between sweetness and acidity, pear, citrus
Pairing: Aperitif, Asian food, scallops (try the carpaccio mode!), foie-gras, blue cheese, fruit salad
When to drink: Now through 2020
Serving temperature: 50 Fahrenheit (10 Celsius)
Domaine Rimbert
Le Mas au Schiste 2007
Red Wine
Region: Languedoc
Jean-Marie Rimbert was born into a farming family in Provence, came late to wine and found his niche in the little village of Berlou in 1994.
He is a tall man, an artist at heart with a spirit of fun that extends to the naming of his wines. Le Mas au Schiste means the House on Schist but when you hear it pronounced in French it's a homonym for masochist! He found this play on word quite naturally when he realized how titanic was the work that he had started.
At WhisperWine we love Jean-Marie's philosophy made of bonhomie, altruism, bon-vivant, easy going spirit.

His wines are crafted for pleasure.
Blind test it and you may think of a Côte-Rôtie.
The schist brings elegance and freshness.
This Mas au Schiste 2007 has 35% Carignan, 30% Syrah, 30% Grenache, 5% Mourvedre.
Such a blend coupled with the schist terroir and Jean-Marie's talent makes it a wonderful digestible Languedoc wine.
Make sure you stock-up enough...

Color: garnet-red
Nose: blackcurrant, strawberry, cherry
Palate: minerality, freshness
Pairing: grilled meat, lamb
When to drink: Now to 2015
Serving temperature: 62 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius)
Domaine de Malavieille
Alliance 2007
Red Wine
Region: Languedoc
This domaine belongs to Mireille Bertrand and the story goes that her ancestors, back in the 18th century, bought the land from the Lord of Malavieille as he was escaping France to … Louisiana.
The winemaker is Eric Supply who has been working for Domaine Roulot which is a reference in Meursault (Burgundy).
He now applies all his know-how to the wines of Domaine de Malavieille in Languedoc.

Chateau Malavieille is no stranger to WhisperWine; three years ago we offered the Cuvee Permien 2005 and given its success we were encouraged to have you discover another cuvee of that same Domaine.
We must confess that we went through their entire offering and Alliance 2007 stood out.
It is made of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre.
It is very typical of a Languedoc wine but again with this right balance and freshness (not the main trait of many Languedoc wines we must say...).
You may want to have an extra glass should you fall for it!

Color: Bright crimson
Nose: Plum fruit, blackcurrant
Palate: Minerals, balance
Pairing: Grilled red meat
When to drink: Now through 2015+
Serving temperature: 62 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius)
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