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The Malvoisie Taster Case

We have decided to name every Taster Case based upon the wines that we are presenting. The former Taster Case was called the "Loire Valley Taster Case" in relation to…well, the Loire Valley wines it was featuring!

We decided to name this one the "Malvoisie Taster Case" in reference to the very unique varietal of the white wine which we are presenting.

This Malvoisie Taster Case price is $229 (tax & shipping included). A value price for the current credit crunch!

The case of 12 includes:
- 4 Malvoisie (white - semi-dry)
- 4 Bordeaux Graves (red)
- 4 Cotes Catalanes (red)

While we are also offering each wine by the case (Malvoisie-$214/case, Bordeaux Graves-$228/case, Côtes Catalanes-$243/case) we strongly encourage you to taste them all.

We hope that the descriptions below will convince you. Continue on…
Malvoisie 2008 - Côteaux d'Ancenis
Domaine Guindon
White Wine
Region: Loire Valley
Pierre Guindon is the current proprietor of the Domaine Guindon. Legend has it that Pierre's great grand-father crafted this semi-dry Malvoisie … by chance! And that is how the Malvoisie from Côteaux d'Ancenis has become famous although it remains a very small "appellation" that very few know about. Pierre Guindon grows it on 3 acres and the whole appellation is only 60 acres, owned by fifteen wine makers.
Malvoisie is actually the regional name for Pinot Gris; but this is a very unusual version that you will be discovering. It has some residual sugar (the great grand-father's "mistake") perfectly balanced by good acidity.
It is a very subtle wine and can almost feel like a caress when drinking it.
Our preference is to drink it while young with explosion of white fruits on the nose and a great balance on the palate between light sweetness and acidity. A true experience! It also can age up to ten years and you will then get a deep yellow wine with hints of coffee, grilled bread and orange marmalade.
Will you be able to hide it in your cellar for that many years?
We have not been able!
And one more thing: it is only 11% so you can enjoy the extra glass that you will not resist anyway!

Color: Yellow
Nose: pear, peach, grapefruit
Palate: perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, typical semi-dry style
Pairing: Aperitif, Asian food, foie-gras, blue cheese, fruit salad
When to drink: Now through 2020
Serving temperature: 50 Fahrenheit (10 Celsius)
Château Les Clauzots 2004
Red Wine
Region: Bordeaux
Two years ago, our November 2007 Taster Case featured Château Les Clauzots 2001.
We received much wonderful feedback and the 2004 tasted so great that we decided to feature it again.
Château Les Clauzots has been with the Tach family for more than a century.
Frederic Tach is on top of his work and regularly produces the best examples of affordable Graves.
We actually find it to be a perfect example demonstrating the true potential of a red Graves.
Because it is a 2004, this wine is ready to drink.
The other good news is that it is only 12.5% in alcohol. There is a tendency for many wines to be high in alcohol nowadays. It is fine if the wine is well balanced but a 12.5% wine is too rare to be missed.
This red 2004 is a blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot.

Color: garnet
Nose: red berries, spices, coffee
Palate: mellow tannins, perfectly balanced, minerality, freshness
Pairing: grilled beef, pot au feu, veal blanquette
When to drink: Now (it is a matured 2004)
Serving temperature: 62 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius)
Domaine Les Clos Perdus - Le Rouge 2008
Red Wine
Region: Languedoc (South of France)
Hugo Stewart and Paul Old do not sound very French, do they?
Well, Hugo is a former English farmer and Paul the now-oenologist is Australian and a former contemporary dancer.
Passionate about wine, they have chosen the South of France, not far from the Spanish border.
The vines are on the slopes of the Agly Valley, an area very similar to Priorat, in Spain. Grenache vines on schist. Le Rouge 2008 is 80% Grenache, of which the majority is from young vines. Only 4500 bottles were made in 2008.
Jancis Robinson, respected Master of Wine (this is a very coveted diploma), recently wrote a great review of the wines from Les Clos Perdus, including this Le Rouge 2008; here is what she had to say: Bright crimson. This seems to have some Carignan on the nose to me but it's so good on the palate I'll allow a moratorium. Nicely made with real integrity. Lots of minerals and wonderful character. Very fine tannins and real energy here. Well done! Not hot or sweet or alcoholic.
Well, she said it all!
We have really been seduced with this wine from the very first sip.
Languedoc is truly full of gems and here is one of them.

Color: Bright crimson
Nose: Plum fruit, raspberry, a waft of white pepper
Palate: Minerals, fresh, coffee and dark chocolate in the end
Pairing: Grilled red meat
When to drink: Now through 2011
Serving temperature: 62 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius)
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