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The Loire Valley Taster Case

Taster Case names are derived from the wines that we are presenting. The former Taster Case was named the "Chambord Taster Case" in relation to the white Cour-Cheverny. We decided to label this current offering the "Loire Taster Case". We must confess that we are returning to the lovely wines of the Loire Valley given the great comments that we received on the Chambord Taster Case; so we thought you would all welcome further discoveries of the same region.

This Loire Valley Taster Case price is $249 (tax & shipping included). The case of 12 includes:
- 4 Viognier (white - dry)
- 4 Cheverny (red)
- 4 Saumur (red)

While we are also offering each wine by the case (Viognier-$234/case, Cheverny-$248/case, Saumur-$267/case) we strongly encourage you to taste them all.

We hope that the descriptions below will convince you. Continue on…
"V" VIOGNIER 2007 - Vin de Table
Freres Couillaud - Château La Morinière
White Wine
Region: Loire Valley
The Couillaud brothers are famous for their Muscadet.

They have been recently featured for their Chateau de la Ragotière 2007 in the Wine Enthusiast Magazine and the Wine Spectator.

But they are also famous for exploring new avenues. As such, they have devoted 2.5 hectares of their Muscadet Appellation vineyard to an experimental vineyard, growing grape varieties that you would not find in the Nantais vineyard. This Viognier is one of them.

Only 3000 bottles have been produced in 2007 and due to weather conditions there will be none in 2008.

A little convincing was necessary in order for us to buy a large portion of the 2007 production for the WhisperWine members; we believe that the WhisperWine approach to wine combined with their kindness did the trick.

The Viognier grape is grown in the Rhone Valley (this is the grape of the famous Condrieu) and more recently in the South of France; only the Couillaud brothers are growing it in the West of France, right in the middle of the Muscadet vineyard! Go figure!

The result is as wonderful as it is unique.
Color: Yellow
Nose: Pure, elegant, peach
Palate: Peach, apricot, hints of citrus
Pairing: Aperitif, scallops simply grilled, grilled fish
When to drink: Now and before end 2011
Serving temperature: 53 Fahrenheit (12 Celsius)
Michel Gendrier - Cuvée Le Pressoir 2006
Red Wine
Region: Loire Valley
Very few are aware that Pinot Noir is not only grown in Burgundy; it is also grown in the Loire Valley and this Cheverny is a very interesting expression of the Pinot Noir with a 20% addition of Gamay (the Beaujolais grape).

This Pinot Noir - Gamay blend has a lot of purity, freshness and a typical Pinot Noir earthiness.

The Gendrier family has been working on the Domaine since 1846. They have a very organic approach to wine; they do not use any synthetic product, no weed killers and no chemical fertilizers. They are basically working the way it was fifty years ago.

And you can feel it with the very first sip - Purity and elegance.

Again, a whole new expression of the Pinot Noir that will amaze you.

You love Pinot Noir? Don't miss this one!

Color: Cherry-red
Nose: Red berries, leather undertones
Palate: Fresh, harmonious, red fruits
Pairing: Veal, duck, grilled poultry
When to drink: Now and until 2012
Serving temperature: 62 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius)
Domaine Guiberteau - Cuvée Le Domaine 2006
Red Wine
Region: Loire Valley
"Romain Guiberteau and Amaury de Condé"
Romain Guiberteau will not acknowledge it but he is recognized as a rising star of the Saumur appellation.

He took over from his grandfather in 1996 and since then has consistently improved his efforts.

The reference wine from the Saumur appellation is Clos Rougeard. Romain Guiberteau has been learning a lot from its owner and as he puts it: "I am lucky being able to be a lifetime intern at Clos Rougeard".

It is fair to say that Domaine Guiberteau is soon to represent another reference in the Saumur appellation and we are very proud being able to present his wine.

Various cuvées are produced - white and red - and it is the Red Cuvée "Domaine" that we are offering.

It is a 100% Cabernet Franc in its purest expression.

This is "terroir".

If you loved our Bourgueil from the previous Taster Case then you will definitely love this one as well!

Color: Deep red
Nose: Red berries
Palate: Meaty, red berries again, great balance
Pairing: Grilled red meat
When to drink: One now and the 3 other bottles in 5 years if you can!
Serving temperature: 62 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius)
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