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The Louis Pasteur Taster Case

We have decided to name every Taster Case based upon the wines that we are presenting. The current Taster Case is called the "Louis Pasteur Taster Case". This is related to the white wine, a very special Côtes du Jura, a region where Louis Pasteur was born and raised. Louis Pasteur, a French chemist and microbiologist, is best known for his remarkable breakthroughs in the prevention of disease. He solved the mysteries of rabies, anthrax, and chicken cholera and also contributed to the development of the first vaccines. Pasteur also described the scientific basis for fermentation and invented the process that became known as pasteurization. His discoveries greatly benefited the wine industry. Louis Pasteur is quoted as saying; "Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages" - What a wise man he was!

The Louis Pasteur Taster Case price is $285 (tax & shipping included). The case of 12 includes:
- 2 Côtes du Jura (white - dry)
- 6 Burgundy Givry Premier Cru (red)
- 4 Côtes de Provence (red)

While we are also offering each wine by the case (White Jura-$299/case, Red Burgundy Givry Premier Cru-$289/case, Red Côtes de Provence-$268/case) we strongly encourage you to taste them all.

We hope that the descriptions below will convince you. Continue on…
Domaine Labet - Fleur de Savagnin 2004
White Wine
Region: East
"Amaury de Condé tasting Alain Labet's wines"
This wine is a rarity in many aspects. Jura is known for its "Vin Jaune" (literally "Yellow Wine") made with the Savagnin grape, a very local varietal. To make a long story short, Vin Jaune, due to its very special vinification, would compare to a Jerez in taste - a very dry wine with unique aromas of walnut and morel. Alain Labet has been first (back in 1990) to change the ancestral tradition and use the Savagnin grape like a Chardonnay grape. Many have since followed in his footsteps. This Fleur de Savagnin is a pure expression of terroir - should you want an illustration of the nature of terroir, this is it. The wine is powerful, clean, a bit spicy. Côtes du Jura is a rare find not only in Pennsylvania but possibly even in the whole United States.

Quantities are very limited, which is the reason we can only offer two bottles in every Taster Case.

Share it with your very best friends only, it's quite unique. Want to play blind tasting? Many will think it is a top notch white burgundy!

Color: Yellow
Nose: Powerful, hints of walnut, freshness and acidity
Palate: Some creaminess, hints of walnut again, purity
Pairing: Comte cheese definitely, chicken with light cream sauce
When to drink: Now - but let the wine breath in the glass for about 5- 10 minutes
Serving temperature: 53 Fahrenheit (12 Celsius)
Domaine Erker - Les Bois Chevaux 2006
Red Wine
Region: Burgundy - Côte Chalonnaise
"Valérie de Condé in Givry Vineyard"
Here is the long awaited Pinot Noir from WhisperWine! This French Pinot Noir is not a "simple" red burgundy - it is a Givry Premier Cru. Givry with other appellations like Bouzeron, Rully, Mercurey, Montagny is part of the Côte Chalonnaise, the very south of the Burgundy region. This area is not as well known as the Côte de Beaune or Côte de Nuits regions, which makes it a very interesting region to explore.

Didier Erker is a rising star which makes us very proud to present his wine. Our selection, the 2006 Les Bois Chevaux (a specific terroir), is more ready to drink than the 2005 would have been.

This is a very typical French Pinot Noir: supple, elegant, touch of earthiness, cherry.

Color: Clear ruby
Nose: Morello cherry, hints of earthiness
Palate: Supple, elegant, currant, humus, nice acidity
Pairing: Grilled meat
When to drink: Drink one now and keep the remaining for next winter
Serving temperature: 62 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius)
Domaine Sorin - Cuvée Tradition 2004
Red Wine
Region: Provence (South of France)
Well, we thought that Provence would recall good memories for some while definitely announcing summer time for all. This Domaine Sorin - Cuvée Tradition 2004 is a blend of Grenache (40%), Syrah (40%), Carigan (15%), Mourverdre (15%).

Luc Sorin has developed a unique process of slow extraction designed to give fruity, elegant and complex wines. The oak casks that he uses are very unique in that they are rotating oak casks, the only of their kind in the world.

A famous wine critic had it right when he wrote: "Luc Sorin is one of the most exciting winegrowers the South of France has to offer… A wine of exceptional quality to be bought now before the price goes up".

Color: Deep red
Nose: Leathery, plenty of fruit
Palate: Rich but balanced, black berries
Pairing: Red meat, stew, venison
When to drink: Now thru 2010
Serving temperature: 62 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius)
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