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The "Action!" Taster Case

We have decided to name every Taster Case based upon the wines that we are presenting. The former Taster Case was called the "Good Pic Taster Case" in reference to one of the wines which was a Pic Saint Loup appellation - pun intended ;-)

This new selection is named the "Action!" in that two of the wines (one white, one red) offered are from Chateau de Tigné that belongs to … Gérard Depardieu. The other one is a red, a pure expression of organic wine, crafted by a young uncompromising couple.

We could have named this Taster Case differently like "Hard to Get", "Unique", "Anjou" or simply "Not To Be Missed". Why? Because Gérard Depardieu has never exported to the U.S. before WhisperWine. Having a fairly large production, he has exported everywhere but his distribution plans alluded our market. So needless to say, we are proud and honored to offer two of his wines in this WhisperWine Taster Case.

The "Action!" Taster Case price is $239 (tax & shipping included). We keep making every effort to keep our prices low.

The case of 12 includes:
- 4 Anjou Blanc (white)
- 4 Pinot Noir from Anjou (red)
- 4 Cabernet from Anjou (red)

This time we will not be offering each wine individually by the case due to a limited supply. We encourage you to order quickly.

We hope that the descriptions below will convince you. Continue on…
ANJOU 2013
Château de Tigné - Gérard Depardieu
Les Maillones
White Wine (dry)
Region: Anjou
The Château de Tigné owned by Gérard Depardieu
Best way to describe Château de Tigné is to quote Gérard Depardieu himself (excerpt from web site): It is here, on this magnificent soil of Tigné - so often buffeted by history - that we convert this story into wine, trying year after year to make a true wine, thoroughbred and generous. But attention! A wine can have "nose" but it especially has to have taste, frank and natural taste, which can express itself through a myriad of sensations, an explosion of subtleties in its generosity, rigor and rustic character. Yes, the truth - whatever that is - is at the bottom of a glass and truth is made to be shared.

Let's get to the wine now: it is a 100% Chenin Blanc with all the attributes you would expect from a very well crafted chenin blanc. Light gold color, apricot and quince on the nose, freshness. Cellar it for a few years and it will develop dried fruit aromas.
The famous restaurant La Tour d'Argent in Paris carries the Maillones 2006 on its wine list; it says something….
Maillones is a true gastronomy wine.

Color: Light gold
Nose: Apricot, quince
Palate: White fruit aromas, freshness
Pairing: Perfect for "aperitif" with goat cheese, grilled fish, scallops
When to drink: Now and later
Serving temperature: 55 Fahrenheit (13 Celsius)
Vin de France
Château de Tigné - Gérard Depardieu
Red Wine
Region: Anjou
The wine cellar at Château de Tigné
Pinot Noir is not the most common grape in Anjou, between Angers and Saumur where Château de Tigné stands. And that's why it makes it interesting and pretty unique. Château de Tigné tends to have small yields so this brings good concentration to this Pinot Noir. Gérard Depardieu wants to craft "true" wines, the man himself is true-hearted, so is the winemaker side of him.
If you have Burgundy type Pinot Noir in mind you may find this Pinot Noir disconcerting a bit.
And that's what we like at WhisperWine: to get you out of the beaten (wine) track.
Thanks for your renewed confidence!

Color: Medium red
Nose: Cherry, black fruit, raspberry, hints of smokiness
Palate: Medium-bodied, subtle tannins, cherry, undergrowth
Pairing: Red meat ideally but pairs also well with cured meat, white meat
When to drink: From now until 2017
Serving temperature:60 Fahrenheit (14 - 15 Celsius)
Vin de France
Domaine Herbel
Red Wine
Region: Anjou
Laurent and Nadège Herbel
If you have never experienced a true organic wine, this is it!
Many winemakers claim being organic but few are truly applying the organic discipline and philosophy. It is an attitude as well as a set of techniques and demanding principles.
Uncompromising husband and wife Laurent and Nadège Herbel are crafting superb Chenin and Cabernets wines from their few acres. The "Alfred et Leon" cuvée that we are presenting is a blend of Cabernets (50% Franc and 50% Sauvignon) but not the typical Loire Cabernet you would expect. Color is light, nose is pure and lightly meaty; you can immediately tell you are drinking a true organic wine. For the story, Alfred and Leon were respectively the grand-father and great grand-father of the Herbels; they never met each other but no doubt this is the kind of wine they would have enjoyed drinking back then: pure fermented grape juice from vineyards without pesticides or anything. A tribute to the old generation!
The Herbels would not say it but they are a part of the leading pack of young talented wine makers of the Loire Valley. Their name comes out more and more often and with their small production, their wines are difficult to get.
Last thing: the "Alfred et Léon" cuvée can be a bit puzzling; but remember, this is true organic wine and that is what it tastes like.

Color: Light to very light red
Nose: Explosion of red fruits, purity
Palate: Red fruit, vitality, easy to drink ("un vin de soif")
Pairing: Aperitif with cured meat, grilled meat, partridge if you can find some, pigeon, red fruit salad
When to drink: Now
Serving temperature: 60 Fahrenheit (14 - 15 Celsius)
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