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Totally South Taster Case

We have decided to name every Taster Case based upon the wines that we are presenting. The former Taster Case was called the "All Red Taster Case" in reference to … the three reds we were presenting. This explanation is simple - at the time, we did not taste any white wine worth presenting in terms of quality and price while we were extremely happy with three of the many reds we had tested. So we decided to move on with it. Guess that we did well because it sold very well.

This new selection is named the "Totally South Taster Case" in that it offers three wines, one white and two reds, all from Languedoc and Provence. So we are back with our traditional mix format.

This Totally South Taster Case price is $239 (tax & shipping included). We keep making every effort to keep our prices low.

The case of 12 includes:
- 4 Saint-Chinian (white)
- 4 Coteaux du Libron (red)
- 4 Coteaux Varois (red)

This time we will not be offering each wine individually by the case due to a limited supply. We encourage you to order quickly.

We hope that the descriptions below will convince you. Continue on…
Domaine Rimbert 2011
White Wine
Region: Languedoc
You already had the opportunity to taste Jean-Marie Rimbert's wines, twice actually but they were reds. Here comes his white version.

At WhisperWine we love Jean-Marie's philosophy made of bonhomie, altruism, bon-vivant, easy going spirit. His wines are crafted for pleasure.

Only 8,700 bottles of this white Saint-Chinian have been produced. It is a blend of Clairette (35%), Vermentino (25%), Grenache blanc (25%) and Roussanne (15%). Schist soil, low yield (35 hl/ha).

Freshness and roundness (We would say "gras subtil"), the type of balance that we love.

Color: Yellow
Nose: white peach, flowers
Palate: freshness, "gras subtil"
Pairing: fish like sea bass filet, red mullet filet, grilled scallops, cheese - as always, think white with cheese rather than red
When to drink: Now
Serving temperature: 55 Fahrenheit (13 Celsius)
Domaine du Deffends
Champs de la Truffière 2008
Red Wine
Region: Provence
This wine was hard to get and we had to do some "convincing" - lots of calls … So we are rather proud to offer this top Provence red.

Champs de la Truffière is indeed considered as "one of the best reds in Provence" (Le Grand Guide des Vins de France by Bettane & Desseauve reads: "a very good address which has been crafting for many years superb quality wines offered at a very reasonable price"). Well, we do share the analysis.

We purchased the last batch of Champs de la Truffière 2008 so you are buying something that is simply not available any more. Champs de la Truffière literally means "field of truffles" which is actually the case; truffles can be found right next to where the vines grow.

Not so common is Provence, it is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (55%) and Syrah (45%). Cabernet Sauvignon is taking the lead in this 2008. Very deep aromas including, no wonder … truffle, but also blackcurrant, violet.

A beautiful, very complex wine.

Worth mentioning is that the domaine is under organic conversion.

Color: Bishop red
Nose: Underwood, truffles, garrigue
Palate: Full-bodied, melted tannins, leather, blackcurrant, violet
Pairing: Beef stew, confit of lamb
When to drink: Now if you can't wait as it is already a 2008. You can cellar it as well, it will age well (providing the cellaring conditions are good).
Serving temperature: 62 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius)
Domaine de Preignes Le Neuf
Cuvée Prestige 2011
Red Wine
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Next time you come to Paris ;-) you should book a dinner at L'Affriolé, a restaurant close to the Eiffel Tower. We consider it to be one of the best values in town - creative cooking, few choices but all perfectly executed for … 35€; add wine, you get to €50 at most. The wine list is excellent and guess what, that is where we have discovered Domaine Preignes Le Neuf. As soon as we put our nose in the glass we knew that we were onto something interesting. In fact we checked the Domaine and did see the many prizes and distinction that it received.

Coteaux du Libron is a small appellation worth exploring, close to Béziers,.

This Rouge Prestige is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, not the typical grapes one finds in this region, and that is what makes it interesting on top of its intrinsic quality. Color is deep red, aromas are liquorice, violet but the wine has a lot of freshness. That is what we like at WhisperWine, easily digestible wines.

Pour it in your decanter and let people guess…

Color: Deep red
Nose: Red currant, liquorice, violet
Palate: Full-bodied, Mediterranean "flavors", smooth tannin structure, roundness, freshness
Pairing: Grilled meat, Stews
When to drink: Now - 2014
Serving temperature: 62 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius)
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