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“As a member, you will be able to order these gems twice a year”. Which months will that be?
We are aiming for May and November.

In May you will discover wine for Spring and Summer time. Check our Louis Pasteur Taster Case contents to get an idea.

In November, you will receive unique wines for Thanksgiving and the Holiday season. Check our Chambord Taster Case, as an example.

And what about keeping one bottle of the wine you have most preferred (if you can resist) for the OTBN dinner – you know, this Open That Bottle Night event, last Saturday in February.
Each delivery will be a "taster" case of 12 bottles, generally mixing 3 or 4 different wines, different in each delivery. Our standard offer would also mix the colors, white and red - sometimes rosé - unless you request otherwise.
Can you be more specific? How can I know in advance which wines I will get?

Well, the provocative answer is: you will not! For three main reasons:
1) because we want to surprise you
2) because we think you will be amused uncorking unknown wines, sometimes unknown “appellations” in the US
3) because we will want to find special deals for you and that requires flexibility from you. You need to trust WhisperWine choices. But we are confident you will feel rewarded, so will we.

Although all descriptions will be posted on the web site some weeks prior to every shipment; you will be notified unless you state otherwise.
Can I only order red wine or white wine?
Yes you can. Make sure you specify your choice when confirming your order.
Can I order a smaller quantity than 12 bottles for each delivery?
Lesser quantities might be possible but it raises the price per bottle because of transportation cost.
We can only accommodate 1000 members. Our offer is very exclusive in nature. Why 1000 WhisperWine members only?
From a business perspective you might think we would like to welcome more members. Precisely not because it would be contrary to our philosophy and our promise. Whisperwine is a select wine club. We are dealing with small production wineries and we know that strong connection only will get us the 3,000 bottles of a kind that we need (1000 members x 3 bottles). Accepting more members would defeat the WhisperWine concept. WhisperWine is about the passion for wine.
What about re-ordering wine that we have particularly liked?
It will not always be possible although we will try to always import some more that what is necessary for a shipment. This relates to the point above. We know that it may sound frustrating. However, we could repeat a deal with a winemaker should hundreds of you would want to reorder or would like to find again in a future shipment a specific wine.
Is there a fee attached to membership?
There are no membership fees and you can cancel anytime.
Does WhipserWine comply with the laws and regulations in regards to the shipping of wine directly to consumers?
- We strictly comply with the laws of Pennsylvania to where we currently deliver. One element of compliance is the fact that we cannot deliver to your doorstep and that you have to pick up orders at the PA wine store of your choice. A small inconvenient for a great experience!
- We are sorry not to be able to service other states at this time, but remain hopeful that state laws will soften and make it possible in the not too distant future.
Will every taster case include detailed information on every wine selection?
All descriptions will be posted on the website prior to every shipment (The Wines page). Each wine selection will have a detailed description and pairing recommendation. You will also learn about the wine makers, their history and their passion. Our hope is that you will get a bit more intimate with each bottle to better enjoy it.
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