About WhisperWine
WhisperWine was founded by two French-American couples living in the US, with strong wine affiliations. We have a passion for wine and would like to share it in some way with a limited number of members.

Peter Cosenza, Marie-Odile Savarit, Amaury de Condé, Valérie de Condé

Amaury de Condé, founding partner
Amaury’s career in the market research industry started in France but most recently has brought him to the US. He has always had a passion for wine. His French personal cellar continues to grow and could very well accommodate few Whisperwine shipments! (but we do not think that he is prepared to release any).

In his student days in Paris, Amaury began and continues to take oenology and tasting courses. His goal has always been to be an enlightened wine lover (he occasionally participates in Amateur Wine Tasting championships). His passion has enabled him to develop many wine contacts over the years; he will happily and proudly share them with Whisperwine members.

Amaury holds the Advanced Certificate (with merit) from The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

Valérie de Condé, managing partner
Valérie has Bachelor degrees in Law and English from the University of Paris. She worked 10 years in the luxury industry in Paris. Since her relocation in the US, she has been involved with non-profit organizations. No doubt that she shares Amaury’s passion for wine. She has attended the same wine courses and has developed a more feminine approach to the appreciation and enjoyment of wine.

Peter Cosenza, founding partner
Peter has worked for many years in retail operations. More recently his career has involved software and database development. His passion for French wine started after he married Marie-Odile and discovered France and more specifically the Bordeaux region. He has developed an American taste for French wine.

Marie-Odile Savarit, managing partner
Marie-Odile was raised in a wine culture. Her grandfather made his own wine for his family’s consumption. She picked grapes at every harvest for as long as she can remember. She received a PhD in Archeology from the University of Bordeaux, which brought her to study wine and its making in ancient times.

Didier Frayssou, professional wine advisor
A little over 40 and based in Paris, Didier has already won several blind tasting championships organized by the Revue des Vins de France. He has earned the Diploma Certificate from the famous Wine and Spirit Education Trust in London. Having recently created his own wine trading company, he also advises restaurants for their wine list and moderates wine tasting sessions for wine lovers and professionals.
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